Composer 8

Feature Group

In this function we are going to talk about SimLab Composer's features that would allow you to perform basic modifications and improvements to your 3D models in order to improve the realism of your design's appearance without needing to revert to a CAD application.
Sweep tool
After finishing draw the path creation process. Set the rotation for the sweep profile then click on the green mark to create the sweep .
To create Sweep, Follow the steps below:
1. Open the SimLab Composer
2. To create Sweep, you must create two Paths first, one's for sweeping along on it, and the second for a profile of the sweep.
3. Click Create Feature Sweep.
4. When you click Sweep, the message will appear in message dialog, select path which you want to sweeping along on it, then click OK.
5. Now select the second path to set it as profile of the sweep then click OK.
6. Finally rotate the profile path in demand then click OK.
Extrude tool
In the extrude window you can enter the height of the extrude.
Wire tool
In the wire creation window you can select the type of wire you are about to create based on the shape of its section.
You can choose from a circular shape, a rectangle, or a fillet rectangle.
Creating wires:
Street tool
Simlab Composer's street creation feature is a friendly tool that expands your designing capabilities and allows you to reach high potentials with your architectural Model effortlessly and efficiently.
To create 3D Street using SimLab Composer, Follow the steps below:
1. Open the SimLab Composer, you can start the program by double-clicking its desktop shortcut or from the start menu.
2. To create 3D Street, you must create a Path first.
3.Select the path which we have created, then click Create Feature Street, the Street Creation dialog will appear.
 4. In this dialog you can find different type for street: a Flat Shape, an Elevated, or an Elevated With Pavement.
5. Also you can set the textures for street and pavement once you click on (+) in the textures side in the window, when you finish, click Create.
 6. Now the street creation will appear as a new object in Objects Tree