Composer 8


Navigation in VR
* Keyboard:
You can use your computer's keyboard to move within prospect when paired with an HTC Vive, here are the key mappings.
1- Arrows:
movement key:
  •  Up Arrow.
2.  Down Arrow.
3.  Right  Arrow.
4.  Left Arrow.
2- Advanced Options:
  •   (M)  Switch between first person mode and cursor (mouse) mode.
  •   (M)  Switch between navigation mode to mouse mode.
  •   (H)   Hide/show hand.
  •   (Hold Ctrl) View teleportation points
  •   (Alt)  Show Pins (Lists)
  •   (Backspace) Jump.
* Mouse:
Use your mouse to interact with objects in the VR world.
1- Left Mouse Button:
  • Press and hold to show a selection pointer on screen and activate highlight mode for objects that have actions (Scene States, Animation Sequences, and Sounds) applied to them.
  •  While the selection pointer is pointing on an object that has an action, release to activate the action.
2- Right Mouse Button:
Press and hold to to grab grabbable objects.
Single click to activate the highlight mode for grabbable objects.
3- Scroll Wheel:
  • Move hand closer or further.
  • When click MButton, the menu below allow you to Switch between the view methods.
Navigation tutorial for SimLab Desktop viewer video tutorials: