Composer 8

Voxel Group

Voxelize Task
Voxlizing a 3D model is rebuilding the 3D model using building bolcks (voxels), like LEGO. The user can choose the building block to use for voxelization,
and can choose to voxilize the whole scene, or the selected geometry. Notice that this will add a significant number of polygons to your 3D scene.
The Voxelize Options dialog will appear, when clicking any of the voxelization options. The default voxel object is a cube of certain size, and
the user can choose a different object, by clicking the Pick voxel option. The voxel object needs to be a geometry in the scene, and the user can just pick it.
The Combine voxels based on material option, if checked, will combine all voxels, based on material, each in one geometry in the Object Tree.
If not checked each voxel will have its own geometry in the Object Tree.
To convert any 3d model to Voxelize model, Follow the steps below:
  • First, export your model from any 3d software as one of the Supported Import Formats in Composer.
  • Open the Composer, you can start the program by double-clicking its shortcut or from the start menu.
  • To Import your model in Composer, click File Import, or by using Ctrl+I, then select your model format and click Open.
  • When you click Open, the Import File dialog will appear, In this dialog you can set different options for 3D import, select Z axis in up vector,
     Scale and Center, then click OK.
  • Now your model imported in Composer.
  • Select your model in Composer and click on Geometry Voxelize Selection, the Voxelize Options dialog will appear, the default voxel
    object is a cube of certain size, and you can choose a different object by clicking the pick voxel option then select another object  Ex: Sphere,
    Cylinder or any object in the scene, then click Start.
  • When the convert operation complete, the result will appear as a new object in Objects Tree.
The less the value entered in the cube size, the larger the size of the output file and thus the more processing power needed.