Composer 8

VR/AR Mobile

VR/AR Mobile Viewer App
SimLab introduces a new and innovative mobile app for Android devices (iOS later) which allow user to live models and experiences exported from SimLab Showroom.
Features of the mobile VR viewer:
  • 3D Viewer support: 3D View mode allows the user to view and share 3D models with others, The user can use finger gestures to rotate and zoom the scene
  • VR experience support: VR mode allows using a mobile VR head set, to view 3D models in a VR experience.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): The AR mode allows the user to place a 3D model in a real environment while maintaining the full 3D model interactivity.
Augmented Reality (AR) tutorial.
  • Light baking support: To compensate for lower CPU power available on the mobile devices, without reducing output quality, SimLab VR Mobile viewer supports reading light baking results generated using SimLab Composer.
Using Light baking for superior Mobile VR
Simple steps to use the mobile VR viewer :
  • Add 3D scene to the viewer "Add icon".
  • Select "File Manager" to navigate the package exported from showroom.
  • Press on thumbnail of the scene to access it.
  • Use White circles at the corners of the bottom to look around and interact.