Composer 9.1

Appearance Group

Sometimes, you may want a certain object to inherit the movement of a specified solid without including it in the equations of motion used by the corresponding solver, here the Manipulation Toolbar comes in handy. You find only one button in the Manipulation Toolbar, as shown in the following image:
  • Add Visuals: This button allows you to attach selected object elements to an existing solid as visualization object for the visualization purposes that do not included in the simulation's calculations. To add a visual, select the desired object(s) from the Geometry Tree, then click the Add Visuals button. Once it is clicked, the Select Solid dialog box (as shown in the following image) appears asking you to select the desired solid that you want to attach visuals to.
A solver is a component of SimLab Composer. SimLab Composer provides a library of solvers, each of which determines the time of the next simulation step and applies a numerical method to solve the set of equations that represent the model.
The Visual Icon appears next to the visual object's name in the Solids Tree. You can toggle this icon to turn it back as a normal object combined within the solid.
Visual elements can be disabled or enabled in the Solids Tree only if the Solids Tab is activated.
Hide/ Show:
Hide/Show Toolbar is considered a handy and cool tool while working in simulation:
  • Hide: It hides visible object(s) from the 3D Area.
  • Show: It displays hidden object(s) in the 3D Area.
This tool makes your work easier, if you exploit it while creating solids in complex models.