Composer 9.1

Solid Menu

The first step in creating  a simulation is converting your 3d design to solid parts that can be physically simulated, to do so, you can either manually select the parts and convert them to solid, or you can click on “auto detect solids” and simlab composer will automatically detect the objects in your scene and convert them to solids.
Keep in mind that the first step in every simulation project is to define and create solids from the original geometries of your model.
The Solids Panel contains the following Menu, as shown in the following image:
  • Auto Detect Solids
  • Solid Creation
  • Appearance
Each of these Menu is covered in the following sections.
The Geometries Tree and the Models Library are associated with the Solids Tab. Once the Solids Tab is activated, they will be displayed on the left-side and bottom of the application window, respectively.
Solids detection or creation is considered as a transitional stage. Therefore, solids and links properties are not editable while you are activating the solids menu.