Composer 9.1

Materials Library

In addition to the elements SimLab Composer provides, this panel offers access to the user created elements, some of which are scene states,
walkthroughs and animations.
Material Panel
In this panel, the user will have five buttons, as shown in the material panel image below.
Add New Material
Clicking this button will add a new item to the corresponding library. 
Delete Material
This button will delete the selected item from the library
Manage Material
Clicking this button will display the Manage Library dialog, where the user can add new library(s), rename or delete existing ones.
The Manage Material Libraries dialog has more options. SimLab Composer, by default, comes with Composer materials library that has different
groups/materials types. In this dialog the user can export, import, or merge different material libraries. Material libraries will be exported in
(*.mlb) file format, and the packed libraries to import should have the same file extension.
Share Contents
With this feature, sharing different resources is simplified significantly. The rule is clear: if a resource exists in a library, then it can be shared.
Resources can be:
  • Materials
  • HDRs
  • Models
  • Background Images
  • And even more...
To share a resource, just drag and drop it from a library panel to the area with the title Drop to Share and surrounded by orange dotted border,
which is located on the panel of  Sharing Resourced tab. This procedure is shown in the following image:
Sharing Resources tab includes the following control elements, as shown in the following image:
  • Drop to Share: It is an area where the user should drop in a resource.
  • Save Package: It is a button that let you to export and save a package to be shared with colleagues or sent to SimLab team.
  • Load Package: It is a button that let you to import a package into SimLab Composer.
The Sharing Resources tab displays a green tick (as shown in the following image) once an item is dropped into Drop to Share Area, indicating the
 operation is successfully finished.
You can include items of different types in same package.
Change View
The user can select the size of the items in the library (Large, Medium, or Small), as shown in the following image:
Changes to SimLab Composer's GUI are saved when the user closes composer.