Composer 9.1

Tools Buttons

3D PDF Merge
This option enables users to merge two or more PDF files together. This can be used to append a 3D model to a company’s header, or a project description available in PDF format. PDF files can be generated using different programs, such as; Acrobat, WinWord, PowerPoint, or Open Office. Different 3D PDF files generated using SimLab products can also be merged together.
Upon selecting this option the Merge PDFs window will open. In the Merge PDF Window the user can click ‘+’ to add the PDF files to merege. Clicking will remove the selected file from the list, and the up and down arrows changes the order the files to be merged in.
3D PDF Embed
3D PDF template files can be embedded into WebGL/HTML. Clicking this function button will open the Embed PDF inside Html dialog. In this dialog the user can choose the PDF file to embed, or create a new file. The Embed Fonts In HTML check box will include the template fonts in the exported PDF file. After setting all parameters, clicking Export will open the Export dialog. The user can input the file name, and choose its location, and then click Save.