Composer 9.1


HTML templates design is fully supported with advanced 2D layout. Behavior Actions can be exported into HTML5/Web GL, enabling users to create interactive 3D experience on the web. Reflection maps, sun light and shadow are applied to 3D models and exported to HTML, giving them more realistic look with smother camera navigation and better appearance for materials. 3D scenes can be exported into html5 files, the same way 3D PDF files are exported.
In the WebGL task bar in the Sharing workbench, click Settings to open Html5 Settings window. In settings window the user can select the template to use, and choose the other html export settings. With a template selected, click the Export button, then enter the name and location of the (*.html) file and click Save.
For 3D scenes with scene states defined the Manage Scene States dialog will appear upon clicking Save. There the user can check the scene states to include in the exported html file, and their order.
Export billboard objects, created in SimLab Composer, to 3D-PDF and WebGL (Web/HTML).