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Interactive VR


Immersive Virtual Reality

Interactive and Static VR


In an Interactive VR experience,
the user is able to interact with objects in the scene,
Static VR on the other hand, is limited to exploring the scene only.

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"Simlab Composer allows you to transform your design to an interactive VR experience with ease through many tools."

Objects Grabbing      Objects Grabbing

In Simlab Composer you can make objects Grabbable,
so that you can examine them closely while they are being held,
and you get to look deeper into their parts using VR Clipping planes.

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Actions on Objects      Actions on Objects

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Training Builder      Training Builder           

The Training Builder is a visual node-based events system that allows the user to create
interactive interactions in VR.

Training Builder

"The basic principle of the Training Builder is to create a relation between elements in the scene. and once the elements behavior matches an event, a response will occur."

The Training Buidler is the perfect tool for creating
"Training in VR" sessions.

Training Builder

Learn the creation of

Interactive Virtual Reality

  • shape  1. Introduction
  • shape  2. Desktop Navigation
  • shape  3. VR Navigation
  • shape  4. Animations and Sequences
  • shape  5. Scene States
  • shape  6. Grabbable Sequence
  • shape  7. VR Video
  • shape  8. Training Builder

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