SimLab VR Mobile Viewer is built on top of the unreal engine to provide the user with superior experience of 3D models.

SimLab Mobile
AR/VR Viewer

SimLab AR/VR Viewer is a free, all in one mobile solution that makes it easy to view and share 3D models with others in 3D, VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality) modes.

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Running modes


Share 3D models with others.

view objects by rotating and zooming
using finger gestures or even use
walking mode to move inside
architecture scenes.

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Place a 3D model in a real environment
while maintaining the full 3D
model interactivity.

Objects still interactive and have all
available actions while in AR mode.

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Place your phone in a mobile VR
headset and view 3D models in a VR

You still can interact with all actions,
or change models hand free without
the needed to touch the mobile.

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Add your models

To add new models you can simply export them into (.vrpackage) files
using SimLab Composer.

SimLab Composer can read SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, AutoCAD, Alibre, ZW3D, and many other 3D applications.

You can also add life to your scenes and models through SimLab Composer features

Animation Sequences

Add animation Sequences to your objects so they can be handled using actions.


Make your scenes much interactive and immersive by adding actions to different objects such as doors, windows, and lights.

Scene States

Create different scene states to showcase options for objects, materials, lightening and more.

Light Baking

Utilize SimLab Composer light baking power to get amazing visual results with fewer graphics calculations.

Large Scene Navigation

Add VR cameras in large scenes so they can be used for fast teleportation.


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