SimLab VR Viewer for
Pico VR

SimLab Soft Free VR Viewer is available for Pico 2, 3 and 4

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powerful tools and controls packed in a tidy and neat interface.

Customize Inside VR

Manage Materials 

VR Catalogs 

 Manage Environment

 VR Notes

  Scene Building    

Grab objects and arrange them the way you want in the scene. (move, scale, rotate and copy)

  Visualized Scene Options

Select between different states and materials of an object through neat visualized options.

  Scene Navigation

Place cameras in different places in the scene in order to teleport between them from anywhere in the scene.

  Measurement tool

Use the remote to draw lines between any two points in the scene and measure the distance between them.

Sync your VR Scenes

Pair your Pico VR with your SimLab account through the desktop version of SimLab VR Viewer then have all of your VR experiences and their modifications automatically transfers to it.

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How to Create VR Experiences

Use SimLab Composer to create interactive VR experiences with ease without any coding or hard work.

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SimLab VR Viewer for other devices

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