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"Rendering considered the most essential tool for communicating your 3D designs with technical and non-technical users"

SimLab Soft takes it serious and differs from other rendering solutions by providing you the SMARTEST, EASIEST and FASTEST way to create
premium high quality renders.

 Real-time Progressive Rendering

Do you really need a vast technical knowledge or a hardware demanding applications!

SimLab Composer overcome these issues by relying on smart algorithms that would reduce the tremendous amount of CPU and GPU power and time without compromising the quality of the rendered image while providing a very simple and friendly user interface to prepare your scenes.

Edit your scene while rendering, adjust your materials, lightening, reflections, environment and camera properities

Less than 2 min

How Easy ?

3 min

3 min

How Fast ?

1 min

1 min



Import your models

SimLab Composer Supports large number of file formats including fbx, skp, 3ds, step, obj, iges, dwg ........ and much more.


Prepare your scene

  3 min

Once you import your 3D models to simlab composer, you can quickly toggle on the environment lighting apply materials from the library.



  1 min

Just hit the render button and you are good to go. You can also save your renders with transparent formats or as a sequence of animation frames.


Drag & Drop

Different libraries of presets a reavailable for a very fast pro - cess creating professional Renders.

SimLab Composer allows you to take rendering process further by offering a variety of libraries for lighting, HDRs, 3D models and materials that mimicking real life visuals which will bring your rendering even closer to a photo realistic image.

All these presets can be applied by one click, just DRAG & DROP them to the scene !


Interior Dedicated rendering mode

The interior rendering Mode is a Very fast and high-quality rendering engine made for interior designers and architects. It uses a different render algorithm optimized to boost the rendering process speed, made especially for interior lightening by discarding calculations irrelevant to the interior part of the scene.

360 Rendering  

Render your scenes into 360 images to give an immersive views by giving the user the sensation as if he is standing in the middle of the scene and is able to look around himself at all directions.
These 360 images can be also used to create HDR environment, which are reliable sources of scene light.
It can be embedded on your website, It also can be viewed and shared on Facebook or through our free VR viewer available on PC's and smartphones.

360 Grid technology

Sometimes one 360 photo is not enough to cover the scene, but with 360 Grid you can Render multiple 360's for the same scene and connect them through one smart view.

This view can be embedded on your website or shared through our free VR Viewern available on PCs and smartphones.

Animation Rendering

Animation rendering is very useful when creating a walk through for an architectural or an interior design, it could also benefit mechanical and product designers since they can demonstrate their design's mechanism in an animated media.

Simlab composer can render a sequence of images based on the animation timeline where the user can specify the range from where to start rendering to the frame at which the rendering stops, creating a sequence of high quality images which the user can convert to a video file using the free video creation tool in Simlab composer.

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