A boat, yacht or ship design process is usually unique for each new design, since it comes through summation of ideas from a person or a facility who needs a new ship.
Each ship differs in its purposes so ship design and implementation takes several incremental steps that are being going back and forth between the designer and the owner in order to meet the owner requirements and specifications as well as the design qualifications.
In order to do that in the right way a solid communication and understanding between the owner and the designer should be present in each step of the process.

SimLab Composer is the tool that provides all the techniques you need to communicate your 3D ideas with ease. It will give you the proper types of outputs that expresses your ideas in the best way.

A preliminary 3D design for the ship is what the first stage should be achieved, since it shows the intended vessel's size, layout, materials of construction, the intended use, range, speed, rig, and general aesthetic. And of course a 3D CAD Design is much Preferable than just Blueprints and drawings.
More than Just Providing a CAD which might look little weird for the customer to understand, you can be unique and deliver your message better with a special visualization technologies. Here you will find that SimLab Composer is your place to do this.

SimLab Composer supports too many file formats to import and visualize your design including the most used file formats such as DWG, DXF, DWF, SAT, STEP, IGES and much more.

It also integrates with many 3D design programs through Free CAD integration plugins which is a link to between SimLab Composer and your design software that reflects your modifications on the design directly to the Composer without the need of importing and exporting each time.

Rendering your CAD into realistic images and animations gives the customer more motivation to be excited having his design in the real life, SimLab Composer is your simplest and easiest way to have professional realistic renders. A pre-made libraries are available for materials, lightening, HDRs, rendering environments and 3D Models. By just dragging and dropping contents from these libraries to apply materials and adjust your scene, you will get a fast and very satisfying results.

A 360 rendered image can be more useful and puts some life to the photo since it enables the user to rotate around to view all possible directions from a fixed point.

However SimLab offers a more advanced technology called 360 Grid, It connects multiple 360 renders for the same design from different steps to break the lack of fixed position issue in normal 360s and cover the whole design.

After agreeing on the design, a detailed outline for creating it expressing several stages of construction have to be provided to the customer and it have to be easy to read and understand.
You can provide your customer all the needed information in a special way by embedding 3D views with animations, annotations and scene states in a PDF file that can be run on any pc using the Free known software adobe acrobat reader.
Along with that you can also use 3D PDF exporting to let the customer try alternatives and different choices.

A virtual walkthrough could be very handy and gives the customer a special value.
SimLab Composer VR offers a lot of features and techniques to produce an immersive VR experience.

You can have a free trial with all features to evaluate the
Composer outcomes from here.

The recommended edition is

Simlab Composer
VR Edition

360 Images

A 360 image is an image that can be viewed as the person standing and looking around in any direction, it could be very useful for feeling the space and the visibility along with the usability of the design.
SimLab Composer helps you rendering high realistic 360 images that can be shared and viewed on social media such as Facebook, on websites or even can be viewed by SimLab Free VR viewer which is available on many platforms.
Rendering 360 images is very easy and fast in SimLab composer, you can find tutorial for creating 360 images and sharing them on Facebook down below in the related content section.

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An example for a yacht Design turned into a VR experience at early stages available on the related content down below. It helps the customer to feel the reality of the design and let him move around, open doors and interact with scene in very realistic way even as the boat moving with the ocean waves.
Simlab Composer VR edition is rich with features and technologies such as animations, scene states, grabbable objects, actions and sequences. That allows you to easily create a very interactive scenes mimicking reality and bringing your projects to life.
SimLab virtual scenes can be viewed on all platforms such we provide a free VR viewer available for computers and smartphones supports Win, MacOS, Android and IOS. So you can view the experience on any device you want.
Creating the VR experience is s easy and simple process, you just import the model and with few steps you can get great outputs.

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Supported 3D Formats

SimLab Composer supports various 3D formats for import and export, here is the most used by architects:

  • IGES
  • STEP
  • DWG (AutoCAD 2019)
  • DXF
  • Wavefront (OBJ) ...

More supported formats >>
You can also use SimLab integration to simulate your designs directly between your design program and SimLab Composer such as Revit Integration. Learn more

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To be more unique in your website is to give the visitor the feeling that he is checking a professional 3D interactive designs rather than just photos.
SimLab Composer have the ability to export 3D scenes into html files that can be embedded on the web. Exporting html supports many features such as scene states, animations, light baking and texture baking.
It is a great feature to increase the potential of your website or portfolio by viewing an interactive 3D viewport giving visitors the ability of controlling high quality 3D scenes, viewing alternatives, changing materials and more.
A lot of Templates is available for html exporting however it’s easy and fast to create new templates with SimLab Template Designer inside SimLab Composer.

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With PDF exporting from SimLab Composer you can document your designs in PDF files that contains 3D models with their actions, materials, animations, sequences, light baking, texture baking, sections and much more.
3DPDF sharing improves documentation in many different ways such you can express construction stages as simple animated 3D steps inside a 3D viewport embedded in your PDF documents in order to be easily understandable for any person.
It’s an easy way to share 3D models and ideas between all kinds of people even if they are not designers. It can be shared as a normal PDF document and can be sent by emails. It opens with the free adobe acrobat reader and can be viewed on any pc without the need from the user for any special programs or skills to open it.

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360 Grid

360 Grid Technology is a smart and simple way to show the most of the design with multiple 360 renders connected to each other which allows moving between them to insure full coverage for the whole design.
With SimLab Composer VR you can create 360 Grid views very easily just by placing VR cameras at the needed positions then you can either export it to .
html file that can be embedded on your website or to .vrpackage file that can be viewed using SimLab Free VR viewer which available on many platforms.

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CAD Integration

SimLab Composer can be connected simultaneously with many of architectural design programs in order to have a convenient way for direct 3D export and editing without going back and forth or exporting and importing each time.
SimLab Soft offers SimLab Integration with:

  • SketchUp
  • Revit
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

> More SimLab Integration Products

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Realistic renders are needed in many design stages in order to review how the final product will look like. SimLab can render very realistic stills in a very simple and fast way by just applying the material with no need to adjust anything. The extended free material libraries are designed by SimLab’s skilled artists to give a realistic look for rendering. Also light pre-sets and HDR libraries are so handy in improving the scene reality by just one click. So you can have a very professional renders in couple of minutes for any CAD model you have. A realistic video rendering also can be achieved easily by SimLab Composer.

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SimLab Composer have a special tool for applying decals to the design. It offers a very easy and straightforward method to apply decals the way you want on your model.

By just selecting some boundary points and then selecting the image you want then the decal will be automatically applied to the surface of the selected object.

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