A Kitchen Designer should have a great mix between art and engineering skills. Such it's all about compacting the needs of a house owner in a specified space along with a great look.It may look a bit of a complex process however it actually could be a beautiful journey. That depends mostly on how the ideas are connected between the kitchen designer and the client, a well-designed kitchen always comes from a good communication and understanding between the kitchen designer and the client.SimLab Composer gives you the best 3D sharing techniques and visualization technologies to communicate your ideas with ease.

Here is some tips and improvement you can do with SimLab Composer that should increase your customer's potential and satisfaction along with more comfort and smooth process.

Provide your customers with complete and inclusive presentation for all your designs and ideas in one place!
By using Virtual Reality technology within SimLab Composer you can turn all of your 3D designs into reality. You can create interactive VR experiences that can be shown on several devices, which would be very handy to provide all types of designs in alive experience in any exhibition you have, you just need a laptop! It even could be more useful if you show it when visiting the client to measure the kitchen and listen to his needs. This will allow you to provide as many choices and design ideas as you want and at lower costs.

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Start Building your kitchen now

Use VR for ultimate design satisfaction

SimLabs Free VR Viewer offers the new VR Catalogs technology so you can create your own catalogs of kitchen parts and link them in different scenes. these scenes can be used by the designers and the clients to build and try different kitchen arrangements in a realistic VR experience.

Scene building mode gives the ability to transform any part by translating, rotating, scaling and duplicating thus arranging it the way you want. Also with the new VR Viewer, we can change materials, lightening, Notes and so on.

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Rendering your designs prior the construction is very effective and useful for your clients and for marketing strategies such it shows how you are going further using new technologies.

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Improve your Documentation and web sharing with interactive 3D Views

With SimLab Composer you can export your scenes and embed them into PDF files and html files.
This feature will allow you to have 3D interactive views in your normal pdf documents like the example shown on the right and you can even include animations, dimensions and scene states to have something like catalogues or assembly instructions.

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You can have a free trial with all features to evaluate the
Composer outcomes from here.

The recommended edition is

Simlab Composer
VR Edition


VR is the technology that takes your 3D CAD into a real life experience, with SimLab Composer VR immerse your client and let him move around to open drawers and doors, select between different materials and even arrange every section in the kithcen the way he want.
Simlab Composer VR edition is rich with features and technologies such as animations, scene states, grabbable objects, actions and sequences. That allows you to easily create a very interactive scenes mimicking reality and bringing your projects to life.
SimLab virtual scenes can be viewed on all platforms such we provide a free VR viewer available for computers and smartphones supports Win, MacOS, Android and IOS. So you can view the experience on any device you want.
Creating the VR experience is s easy and simple process, you just import the model and with few steps you can get great outputs.

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Supported 3D Formats

SimLab Composer supports various 3D formats for import and export, here is the most used by architects:

  • SketchUp (.skp)
  • 3D Studio Max (.3ds)
  • DWG (AutoCAD 2019)
  • DXF
  • Wavefront (OBJ) ...

More supported formats >>
You can also use SimLab integration to simulate your designs directly between your design program and SimLab Composer such as Revit Integration. Learn more

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with web GL you can export 3D views into html files that can be embeded on your website.
It will make your website more unique and let the visitors experience interactive 3D models on the web by opening drawers and cabinets, changing materials and navigating around.

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With PDF exporting from SimLab Composer you can document your designs in PDF files that contains 3D models with their actions, materials, animations, sequences, light baking, texture baking, sections and much more. That will allow you to provide even more information within compact and clever views.
PDF exporting supports texture and light baking which makes your kitchen design look more realistic and brilliant.
It's an easy way to share 3D models and ideas between all kinds of people even if they are not designers.
It can be shared as a normal PDF document and can be sent by emails. It opens with the free adobe acrobat reader and can be viewed on any pc without the need from the user for any special programs or skills to open it.

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Texture & Light Baking

Texture baking and light baking is unique method to view much more realistic and detailed 3D views without the need of high computing and graphics capabilities.
It improves the quality of the 3d scene in 3D PDF exporting and WebGL exporting. Such your design would be viewed in an interactive 3D view with high realistic details as its rendered.

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CAD Integration

SimLab Composer can be connected simultaneously with many of architectural design programs in order to have a convenient way for direct 3D export and editing without going back and forth or exporting and importing each time.
SimLab Soft offers SimLab Integration with:

  • SketchUp
  • Revit
  • 3Ds Max
  • AutoCAD

> More SimLab Integration Products

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Realistic renders are needed in many design stages in order to review how the final product will look like.
SimLab can render very realistic stills in a very simple and fast way by just applying the material with no need to adjust anything.The extended free material libraries are designed by SimLab's skilled artists to give a realistic look for rendering. Also light pre-sets and HDR libraries are so handy in improving the scene reality by just one click.
So you can have a very professional renders in couple of minutes for any CAD model you have.
A realistic animation rendering also can be achieved easily by SimLab Composer.

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