Revolutionize the way students learn through immersive experiences  

Our easy-to-use VR platform is the perfect tool for schools to engage students, enhance their understanding, and make learning an unforgettable adventure.

WHY VR for Schools?

Increase attention and engagement

With immersive experiences, students become active participants in their education, reducing distractions and increasing their focus on the subject matter.

Boost information retention

Studies have shown that virtual reality enhances memory retention by creating vivid and memorable learning experiences. Students learn by doing, leading to better comprehension and long-term retention of information.

Develop a deeper understanding

VR allows students to explore and interact with complex concepts in a three-dimensional space, providing a deeper understanding that goes beyond traditional textbooks or lectures.

Support students with learning difficulties

VR provides a supportive and inclusive environment for students with learning difficulties. It enables personalized learning experiences and facilitates individualized instruction tailored to each student's needs.

Replace hazardous experiments

Virtual labs provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional laboratory experiments, allowing students to conduct experiments and explore scientific concepts without any risk or additional expenses.

Learn how you can implement VR in the classroom

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Viewing VR Experiences

Use our Free VR Viewer to access a selection of pre-made and interactive VR experiences tailored to K-12 students, covering a wide range of subjects and topics.You can view our content across various devices such as phones, desktops and most VR sets

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Create your own VR Experiences

Use VR Studio, our no-code and easy-to-use VR creation software to customize your own VR experiences.

  • A library of easy-to-follow tutorials and training videos for teachers
  • No design skills required. Access A warehouse ofready to use 3D environments and models.
  • Create quizzes and intergrate with your LMS
  • Top-level customer support to help answer all your technical questions
  • A online community of educators who utilize VR in education to help support and inspire you on your journey
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Collaborative VR experiences

Bring your entire class together in a shared virtual space. With our collaborative VR solutions, students can interact,communicate, and collaborate with their peers, fostering teamwork and enhancing social skills.

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Create Quizzes and assessments

Engage students with interactive quizzes, surveys,and point tracking, while seamlessly integrating with your preferred LMS. Whether it's Blackboard, Moodle,TalentLMS, or SimLab's cloud, our immersive VR experiences will transform learning like never before!

Use Cases

With our cutting-edge VR technology, we offer a new way of learning that completely captivates students and takes their educational journey to new heights.

Visulaizing the human cell and creating quizes to test students

Conducting safe labs to explain Ohm's law to high school students

Seeing and interacting with the details of Human Anatomy

Taking a trip to earth's orbit to learn more about satellites

Taking a field trip to a space station to understand the planetary system

Improving mathematical skills for students through gamification

Dissecting and understanding plantanatomy

Conducting a UN conference on climate change

Taking an interactive class trip to the stone age

Diving into and understanding the atomic structure

Take it to the next level and teach your students how to create VR experiences

We provide a step-by-step VR creation curriculum for teachers and students. Our user-friendly software allows students to learn quickly and develop valuable skills that will be in high demand in the future, such as content creation and presentation abilities.

Not ready to create your own VR experiences?

We can help!

Our highly skilled design team is dedicated to assisting you in developing exceptional VR experiences tailored for your students. Entrust us with your imaginative ideas, and together we will craft truly immersive classes that surpass expectations.

At SimLab Soft, we believe that immersive learning experiences have the power to transform education and ignite a life long love for learning. Join us on this educational revolution and let your students discover the limitless possibilities of virtual reality.