Explore a world of possibilities with VR in the classroom

Use VR to immerse your students in the world of learning

   How VR is being used in higher education

Medical schools

Medical schools are using VR to simulate real life complex procedures. VR offers a safe place for students to become competent before entering the surgical room

SimLab Educational Nursing schools

Nursing schools are using VR to help train and prepare nursing students to operate expensive medical devices

SimLab Educational Science departments

Science departments are using VR to help students better understand and visualize complex human and animal anatomy


Immersive Learning Experiences: How VR Transforms Education

VR has been used in a variety of ways in the education sector, ranging from creating interactive lessons for students to simulating environments that are not available in the real world. SimLab VR Platform provides teachers with all the tools needed to create interactive VR lessons, distribute them, and test students.

SimLab Educational Engineering departments

Engineering departments are using VR to create virtual laboratory experiments to help prepare students to enter labs more safely

SimLab Educational Architecture programs

Architecture programs are using VR to help students visualize and interact with 3D models of buildings and other structures

SimLab Educational Psychology departments

Psychology departments are using VR to study human behavior and interactions within different simulated immersive scenarios

SimLab Educational Business departments

Business departments are using VR to help students develop the soft skills needed to negotiate and close deal

SimLab Educational Art and design schools

Art and design schools are using VR to make art more immersive and allow new ways of expression for their students

SimLab Educational Media departments

Media departments are teaching their students how to create VR experiences to unlock the world of possibilities for its use in industry


The next wave of information transfer is virtual reality in which students can see, hear, touch and interact with whatever they are learning, making the learning process the most immersive ever.

SimLab Educational Start Creating VR Experiences for Free with SimLab Soft

Why Virtual Reality for Teaching

SimLab VR, Get your student more focused
Get your student more focused
virtual reality learners are 4x more focused than e-learners and traditional classroom learners.
SimLab VR, Engage your students
Engage your students
Education through VR gives teachers the opportunity to make their students fall in love with the process of learning
SimLab VR, Take practical learning online
Take practical learning online
VR completes online learning by allowing educators to provide practical and immersive learning experiences for students anywhere in the world
SimLab VR, Make teaching safer
Make teaching safer
Teach without putting the physical integrity of your students at risk

Join the wave of forward thinking educators and learn VR creations in days.

  • A library of easy-to-follow tutorials and training videos
  • A warehouse of ready to use 3D environments
  • Access to thousands of ready to use 3D models with our SketchFab integration
  • A growing library of ready-to-use VR experiences for higher education
  • Ability for up to 30 students to participate the same VR experiences through SimLab Collaboration
  • Quiz and survey creation for class assessment and research
  • Integration with most LMS systems
  • Distribute your content across various devices such as phones, desktops and most VR sets.
  • Access to VR developers who can help you create custom VR experiences at an affordable price
  • Top-level customer support to help answer all your technical questions
  • A online community of educators who utilize VR in education to help support and inspire you on your journey
With SimLab Join the wave of forward thinking educators and learn VR creations in days
Learn SimLab VR in days and start creating immersive learning experiences for your students

Learn SimLab VR in days and start creating immersive learning experiences for your students

No-code and easy to use software allows educators and domain experts to be more focused on creation rather than learning code.


Teach your students how to build VR Experiences

The need for VR creation is rising year over year and the market is requiring more people to be proficient with creating VR immersive experiences.

Industries such as engineering & design, architecture, automotive, vocational, medical, safety and more are adopting VR for their training, presentations and collaboration.

These industries will require an increasing amount of VR creators around the world to help fulfill their rising demand.

With SimLab, teach your students how to build VR Experiences

Educational Offers

Equip your educational institution with state-of-the-art VR creation software at a significantly reduced price


Some Educational Institutes Using Our Products:

SimLab and University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Harvard University

Indiana University


PUCP University

Stanford University

UNSW Sydney

Universidad De Talca