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What is a Removable Watermark?

If you create a VR experience using the FREE edition of SimLab VR Studio, a permeant watermark will be visible on the bottom of the screen during running the experience, with the Pro edition no watermark will be added.

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What is Scene Compatibility?

If you create and save a VR experience with the FREE edition of SimLab VR Studio, you can't open and edit this experience with the Pro edition. however, If you create it and save it with the Pro Edition then you can open it and edit it with both Pro and FREE editions.

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Will I be able to install the latest version while I have a subscription license?

Yes, a Subscription license will make you always up to date with the latest version of SimLab VR Studio.

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What happens when my subscription ends?

You can renew your subscription (an auto-renewal option is available ) or cancel it.

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How can I activate my license?

Please follow the steps described on the licensing page. If you face any problems, please send an email to license@simlab-soft.com

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What happens to my models when my subscription ends?

Your uploaded models will be frozen for 30 days, they will not be available for other users until you renew your subscription. If you don't continue for 30 days, all your models will be deleted.