Emergency training using VR (Fire Drill)

Incorporating virtual reality technology into emergency training, specifically in scenarios like fire drills, can lead to substantial improvements in the safety and effectiveness of crucial training sessions. These enhancements are achieved while concurrently minimizing expenses.

The pioneering VR Training builder system, introduced by SimLab Composer, provides the capability to generate an extensive array of training scenarios, each finely tuned to address diverse requirements.

Fire Extinguisher VR Training

Step into an immersive VR experience where you'll learn about different fire extinguishers and their optimal usage. Gain mastery and confidence in wielding extinguishers effectively.

Discover the right extinguisher for specific fire types and learn when to use them. Crafted with SimLab VR Studio, this training ensures you're ready to respond confidently in real-life situations.

VR for Safety training   SimLab Soft VR for Safety training

VR is a great way to teach people about safety. It can be used as a training tool for workers in industries such as construction, mining, and manufacturing, The immersive environment of VR allows trainees to explore simulated environments and learn how to react in different scenarios. VR allows people to experience situations they never would in real life.

Safety instructions in VR   

SimLab VR Platform, includes all the tools needed for creating VR Safety training, distributing it, monitor performance of trainees, and allowing them to share in multi-user VR based safety drills.


To enter the world of VR and have the most benefits of this technology in safety instructions training. You can use the SimLab VR platform, a complete set of VR tools for creating, viewing, distributing, and collaborating.

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