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3DXML importer for 3ds Max plugin enables users to add 3DXML (comming from CATIA) import capability to Autodesk 3ds Max. The plugin supports importing parts and assemblies

How to use the plugin?

After installing the plugin, it automatically registers itself in Autodesk 3DS, and adds the new top level menu SimLab with 3DXML Exporter sub menu. The user will be able to import 3DXML models by clicking the menu  SimLab -> 3DXML Importer -> Import.

The Import window will open, select 3DXML as the file type to be imported, then browse to the file folder and open it.

Download 3DXML importer for 3ds Max Free Trial

3DXML importer for 3ds Max is a powerful 3ds Max plugin which, in one click, allows 3ds Max users to import 3DXML files and edit them inside 3ds Max .


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