• Texture Baking, or Rendering to Texture, allows you to create texture maps based on an object's appearance in the rendered scene. The textures are then baked into the object via mapping.
  • It is a process to calculate environmental information (lights, shadows, etc.) and rendering that information as a texture for more realistic looking.
  • Rendering algorithms are used in SimLab Composer to simulate shading, shadows and bumps on the surface (or texture) of a 3D object.
  • In other words, baked textures are those that have the highlights, shadows, and shading built into the texture.
  • Texture Baking is usually done once a Material or Mesh is finalized.
  • It's represented as a workbench within SimLab Composer, which is accessible directly from the Workbenches Bar.
  • Texture Baking is ONLY supported on Microsoft Windows

Video Demonstration

See SimLab Composer and texture Baking in Action

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Why Texture Baking is Needed?

  • It is used to display textured object rapidly on 3D devices, such as graphics display cards.
  • Realistic looking objects in 3D PDF, WebGL, and mobile/tablet devices as if they are being rendered in Real-Time.
  • Great add-on for the sharing features of SimLab Composer.
  • Photo-realistic navigation for 3D scenes.

Use Cases of Texture Baking

  • Realistic looking models in 3D PDF and WebGL, and phone/tablet devices.
  • Great looking objects in CAD Viewer.
  • Demonstrating baked scenes in Exhibition Mode (Expo workbench).

Why Go with SimLab Composer?

  • Smart Bake: Easy and smart baking algorithm.
  • Hide and show baked texture by one mouse-click.
  • Advanced Baking for having full control over all baking settings, such as normal.
  • Fast or top-quality presets for geometry processing.
  • Dynamic allocation for Texture Sizes.

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How Texture Baking can be Done?

Watch this video tutorial and discover how easy to do that in SimLab Composer

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