SimLab-Composer is the complete 3D visualization solution.Following is a list of features included in SimLab Composer to guarantes that you have the complete solution you are looking for.

Scene Building

Provides you with all the necessary tools related to scene building, texturing, lighting, and material management to prepare the scene for animation, simulation, rendering, and sharing .


Fast real time rendering with extended martial library, supporting rendering interior, exterior, mechanical, and animation scenes .


Intuitive animation system supporting automatic key frames. Ready to create animation for assembly motion, material, light and camera .


3D measurement in SimLab-Composer allows the user to add different types of measurements directly on top of the 3D model .

Wire Creation

Wire Creation gives the user the ability to improve the realism for the 3D scene by adding wires.

Boolean Operations

SimLab Composer is not a 3D design application, allowing the user to create special elements for completing or customizing the scene without reverting to a 3D design application.

Auto Alignment

The user can enable the auto alignment (Dynamic snap) feature from the move menu.
The auto alignment system makes it very easy and fast to arrange large scenes .

Texture Baking

Unique texture baking system to give you the great visual effects of texture baking, without the pain of performing the process.


Adding decal to an existing 3D model, increases realism of the model, and it allows branding the 3D model. SimLab Composer supports a very general way for creating decals on flat and curved surfaces.


Engineering quality dynamic simulation, usable for design and to animating advanced mechanical systems .


Allows you to export a uniquely branded, interactive 3D PDF that can be opened using the free Acrobat reader .


Allows the user to export a 3D model as a WebGL based HTML page, ready to be posted on a website .


SimLab Soft CAD Viewer is a free mobile application that allows you to view and navigate, on the go, computer-aided 3D designs and architectural models on iOS and Android devices .


Advanced Javascript and batch command processing, allowing you to automate processing large number of files .


Supports large number of 3D file formats to utilize 3D models from all major applications. Free integration plugins for dynamic linking with major 3D design applications.

Simlab Composer is :


  • Easy to learn User Interface
  • Well organized Workbenches
  • Open to work with Popular CAD File Formats


  • Affordable pro license
  • No need to upgrade your machine
  • Runs on Windows and Mac                 

Combining SimLab Composer features together, makes it easy to create superior output

Import a model, perform texture baking, and then export model as 3D PDF file to get a 3D PDF with impressive visualization .

Texture Baking - Example 2 (House Model) - Simlab Composer 3d Application Download file open with acrobat reader
Import your architectural model, use scene building capabilities to complete the scene, add IES lights and use the interior renderer to get an amazing rendered image .

Texture Baking - Example 2 (House Model) - Simlab Composer 3d Application Go to the Gallery page
Utilize Simulation feature, and the ability to convert simulation results to animations, and render the output to get an impressive robotic animation .

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