Texture/Light Baking

Give your 3D scenes and models a realistic look on all devices.

Lights and textures baking is widely used in a lot of 3D visualization techniques such as 3D PDF, 3D web views, VR, games, and more. It gives a realistic look for shadows, colors, lighting, textures appearance, and more. Learn more about the use of baking.

Texture Baking

It is a method that bakes the final appearance of objects in the render into new textures. it will give a great look for static objects without the need for rendering.

  • Can be exported as normal materials 

  • Affect UVs 

  • Replaces materials 

Supported Outputs

Light Baking

Light baking is a method that calculates lights and shadows information then applies them into an individual layer over the texture of an object. It will give a better look for objects while keeping the materials and textures editable underneath the lightning layer.

  •  Can't be exported as normal materials

  •  Doesn't affect UVs

  •  Doesn't affect materials

Supported Outputs


Better Graphics On All Devices

Higher quality on low-graphics devices
Use texture and light baking to increase your VR scenes quality on Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, smartphones, and 3D web views.

Realistic Look on higher graphics devices
With light baking, you can make your VR outputs look so realistic without being highly GPU extensive.

Select between Texture or Light Baking

Define a range for the new textures sizes to suit the needed output

Control the baking (rendering) quality.

Achieve great outputs with fewer steps
Baking with SimLab Composer is so convenient, having all the tools for controlling the baking quality as needed, and the steps of light and texture baking are the same.

Start Baking With SimLab Composer Now

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