Complete 3D visualization software

Simlab Composer is a complete, easy, affordable and feature-rich 3D software having all the tools you need for importing your models then creating dynamic visualization, rendering, all into creating fully interactive VR training sessions.

Fully featured 21-day free trial
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Import and Export from a wide range of 3D files formats.

Cloud Sharing

Share your visualization outputs into your devices and with other users


Export your interactive 3D models into 3D PDF Files and show options and animations.

Integration with CAD

Connect your CAD software directly to SimLab Composer and have great visualization outputs.


Stand-Alone 3D/CAD/VR Conversion Tool.

Scene Building

Intuitive and fast tools to build and organize your scenes the way you want.


Add life to your scene by creating and controlling animations on all elements.


Simulate your designs with an easy work-flow, create solids, add joints, run simulations, plot data, and much more.

3D Rendering

Smartest, easiest and fastest way to create premium high quality renders.


Give immersive views by rendering your scenes into 360 images and 360 grids.

Texture/Light Baking

Give your 3D scenes and models a realistic look on all devices.

VR Creation

Create, view, share, and bring your VR experiences to life very fast and without writing a single line of code.

VR Catalogs

Build and access catalogs of 3D models while in VR experience.

Visual Scripting

Automate massive workflows without a single line of code.


Automate your repetitive workflow with a few lines of code.

Command Line

Automatically trigger certain tasks at certain conditions on a daily-basis.