Composer 9.1

SimLab VR Viewer Group

VR Viewer
In this part of VR workbench, you will find the ”viewer” menu, where you can export your design as a 3D-VR file format, or can you can directly run the design in either Desktop Or VR Mode.
VR Viewer for Designers
SimLab Cloud VR Viewer can be used by designers to share the VR experiences they created using SimLab Composer with their clients.
The following tutorial shows how designers can share VR experiences with others
VR Viewer for designers is already included with SimLab Composer, VR experience designers do not need to install the stand alone VR Viewer installer.
VR Viewer for Users
VR viewer is all what is needed by the end user to view VR experiences. The hardware setup on the end user is automatically detected, so the user can use HTC vive, Oculus rift is available, or the included desktop viewer.
  • Show In VR Viewer
VR Viewer (with two navigation modes): SimLab Composer comes with special viewer developed to let users live and experience rich and interactive environments in two navigation modes; SimLab Composer gives the ability to export and navigate created VR projects in a special-purpose viewer in Desktop (i.e. game-like controls using keyboard and mouse) mode and in VR mode using modern VR peripherals.
You can now enjoy the greatness of SimLab VR/Desktop on Mac (macOS greater or equal to 10.12).
  • Add to Viewer
This option allow user to export the scene as a *.vrpackege format then add it into her\him account in the VR Viewer application directly , when the user click on this option the dialog below will appear.
In this dialog above, user need to insert the title, publisher name, preview image (855x465), and the description for the scene, this info will appear to the scene in the Viewer, also user can make the scene protected (files can be only viewed in SimLab VR Viewer, they can not be exported to other formats from VR Viewer) by select Protected option.
  • Run The Viewer
User can run the SimLab VR Viewer Application directly in SimLab Composer by select this option.
In this video below we will show you how to use the VR Viewer in SimLab Composer.