SimLab Virtual Reality

Enabling Interactive VR

  Virtual Reality

SimLab  Virtual Reality

Visually stunning

Interactive VR

For all users

In no time

On all devices

Amazing looking Interactive VR Experiences with SimLab Composer

Create a visually stunning VR experience with simple essential interactions such as Grabbing and Animating upon triggering through Actions, as well as an intricate responsive environments with event systems for training and education using the Training Builder.

Immersive VR Experiences that take your breath away

With SimLab Composer you can create simple interactive VR experiences as well as intricate event based systems using the Training Builder, allowing you to simulate complex scenarios for education and training.

SimLab VR suits users from all Industries using any CAD Applications

SimLab Composer versatile abilities and features along with its compatability with most 3D file formats empower users from all industries to create customized VR experiences that serve their purposes effectively.

Creating a remarkable VR experience in no time with SimLab Composer

SimLab Composer is an easy to learn and to use 3D application that enables users of all backgrounds to create fully functional VR Experiences in a matter of minutes.

SimLab VR Experiences run on
multiple devices and platforms

The free SimLab VR Viewer application is compatible with all major devices available on the market and it has a syncing option that would make running VR experiences with stand all devices quick and easy.

Materials and textures

Real life mimicking materials in VR with Color maps, Bump maps, Normal maps, opacity and roughness maps.

Lighting systems

Sun and Sky system in addition to HDR lighting for exterior designs, and spotlights, IES lights, area lights and point lights for interior.

Realtime customization

Adjust and modify the scene during the VR experience then save it and share it with others.

Objects Grabbing

Grab, examine, assemble and disassemble components.

Objects Actions

Trigger objects to change appearances, behaviors, or ellicit a certain response.

The Training Builder

The Training Builder is a visual node-based events system that allows the user to create intericate interactions in VR.

Architectural Design

Mechanical Design

Furniture Design


Training and Simulation

1. Import the 3D model

Import your 3D Model by dragging the file onto the 3D area in SimLab Composer.

2. Assign materials and lights

Drag and drop materials from SimLab Composer’s library onto objects in the scene, then set up the lighting.

3. Run the VR Experience

Run the VR experience with SimLab VR Viewer in either Desktop Mode or in VR Mode.

Computers and Laptops

Run The VR Experience in Desktop Mode when there is no VR headset available.

Computer Attached VR Headsets

Run the VR Experience in VR mode when you have a VR headset attached to your computer.

Stand Alone VR Headsets

Use SimLab VR Viewer Pairing to run the VR Experience on a standalone device.

More about Oculus Go, Oculus Quest andPico

Mobile Devices and tablets

You can Run the VR Experience in 3D Mode or in VR Mode if you have a MobileVR headset.