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VR Edition

SimLab Composer VR edition is a complete VR creation tool that is capable of building specialized interactive VR experiences for a high quality 3D visualization.

The SMARTEST, EASIEST and FASTEST way to create advanced interactive VR experiences.

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No matter what design program you are using or what VR environment you have, SimLab Composer VR edition is the tool for you.

SimLab Composer Editions are accumulative, a higher Edition of Composer includes all the features of lower editions. SimLab Composer VR edition includes all the features of the Lite and Pro editions.

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SimLab VR
Enabling Interactive VR

VR Creation

Use SimLab Composer to import your CAD files into a new scene, add behaviors and visual effects, then simply export it to VR.

VR Viewer

A Rich of features Free VR Viewer that is available on all major headsets and VR platforms.

Light Baking

Light baking is a very useful technology for giving a better-looking image with fewer graphics calculations, It pre-calculates all lightening information for an object and stores them in the scene so it doesn't have to recalculate any of this information each frame in the VR session.

This method can be so handy for less powerful devices like smartphones, Oculus go, Oculus quest and light PCs.

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Its a special type of cameras comes with the VR edition to give the user new abilities in rendering, VR and more.

SimLab Soft

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Create more advanced scenarios and VR training sessions using SimLab's Training Builder.

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