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Why is Simlab Soft the perfect partner for your VR project ?

  1. Get Fully interactive VR experiences customized to meet your request.
  2. The VR experience can run on : Desktop, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Android and OIS.
  3. Fast and reliable Delivery times.
  4. We ensure the security and safety of your designs.
  5. Optimized VR experience resulting in a small file size.
  6. Reasonable Cost.
  7. We Offer aid if you are attempting to create your own VR experience yourself.

Mechanical and Product Designers

  • Fully Explorable Design by walking or flying.
  • Fully interactive elements
    ( Escalators, Elevators, Doors, Automated Doors, etc ).
  • Colors and materials adjustment during the experience.
  • Rearrange, add and remove objects in VR.
  • Save changes in VR, and be able to view the modified scene

Architects and Interior designers

  • Interaction with objects by grabbing and triggering.
  • Grabbing obejcts and allowing for thorough examination.
  • Changing materials and color for objects.
  • Run and interact with mechanically simulated animation.
  • Explode Design and the ability to show specific components.
  • Clipping planes and examining the inner parts of a design.

Mechanical training

  • Interaction with objects adhers to an event system.
  • Single or multiple pathways to achieve goals in training.
  • The use of tools to interact with components.
  • Guiding tips and visual aid throughout the training.
  • Feedback upon training completion.

Emergency and Safety training

  • Emergency and Safety training
  • Visual, audible and readable aiding tips throughout the training.
  • Enhanced Visual effects ( fire, smoke, water, sparks, spray).
  • Ambient and 3D positional sound effects and sound tracks.
  • Feedback upon training completion.

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Related Questions

Not necessary

  • The Simlab VR Viewer runs using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or a mobile VR headset.
  • If you don't have a VR set up you still can run the experiance on your desktop computer or mobile device and still maintain all the interactive features of the VR experience.

The VR experience created based on your Model will be uploaded on the simlab cloud servers, to access your model download the simlab showroom application which is a free VR Viewer by simlab soft.

You just need Simlab showroom to view a VR experience, you can find a standalone
free version of the showroom here.However it is installed along with Simlab composer in case if you have it.

The Created VR experience will be published on the simlab soft public cloud server, so to share it with others you only need to provide them with the name of the VR experience and they will be able view it on the free simlab showroom

You can watch tutorials and examples videos about VR here.

It mostly depends on the number of interactive elements required to be implemented in the VR experience, but since simlab composer simplifies the process greatly, it should not take more than 4 hours for complex scene on average.

The VR experience is built using simlab composer which is able to load a huge range of 3D file types, click here to view supported 3D formats.

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