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Interactive VR Services

We bring your designs to life

We are offering the service of creating interactive virtual reality experiences for your 3d scenes or helping you in creation using our VR creation software.

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By utilizing our advanced VR creation solutions, we will insure you a very fast VR creation process and competitive price.

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Supported Devices

SimLab VR Viewer with macOS


SimLab VR Viewer with WIN

win 64

SimLab VR Viewer with IOS


SimLab VR Viewer with Android


SimLab VR Viewer with VIVE


SimLab VR Viewer with oculus

Oculus Devices

SimLab VR Viewer with pico

Pico VR

SimLab VR Viewer with Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality


Why is Simlab Soft the perfect partner for your VR project?

  1. Get Fully interactive VR experiences customized to meet your request.
  2. The VR experience can run on: macOS, WIN, iOS, Android, VIVE, Oculus Devices, Pico VR, and Mixed Reality.
  3. Fast and reliable Delivery times.
  4. We ensure the security, and safety of your designs.
  5. Optimized VR experience resulting in small file size.
  6. Reasonable Cost.
  7. We Offer aid if you are attempting to create your own VR experience yourself.

Samples of our VR experiences

Safety and emergency training

Mechanical training

Mechanical design

Product design

Interior design

Medical training


Do I need a Virtual Reality Set up to view the VR experience?

Not necessary, the Simlab VR Viewer runs also on PC (Windows and macOS), smartphones (Android and iOS), and VR devices (VIVE, Oculus Devices, Pico VR, Mixed Reality VR headsets).

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How do I access my model after transforming it into a VR experience?

The VR experience created based on your Model will be uploaded on the SimLab cloud servers, to access your model download the free SimLab VR Viewer application which is a free viewer available on all devices.

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How to upload my VR packages to VR Viewer?

In this guide, the user can find out how to upload VR Packages to a VR viewer directly

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Do I need to have SimLab VR Studio to view the VR experience?

You just need Simlab VR Viewer to view a VR experience, you can find a standalone
the free version of the Viewer here.

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Can I share the created VR experience with others to view it?

Yes, VR experiences can be shared on different devices and with other users, clients, and colleagues through SimLab VR Viewer and SimLab VR Studio.

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How long will it take to create a VR experience?

It mainly depends on the number of interactive elements required to be implemented in the VR experience. Still, since SimLab VR Studio simplifies the process greatly, So it will take much less time than you would expect.

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