The Hobbyist/Educational Edition of SimLab Composer 7 is designed for individuals and educational institutes who are looking for a powerful 3D visualization and communication platform with a rich set of built-in workbenches, in exchange for attractive and low-priced subscription fee per year. It helps users to simplify complex work-flow through simple GUI and easy-to-figure tools.

As a general multi-purpose 3D software Solution, this edition of SimLab Composer 7 includes workbenches limited and closed to personal use, (noncommercial/nonprofit) at home, school, or university. Included workbenches in this edition are Sharing, Rendering, Animation, and Simulation.

With the Hobbyist/Educational edition of SimLab Composer, you can:

1. Enjoy the Benefits of SimLab Sharing

3D PDF, WebGL, and iOS/Android

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2. Render in Full HD

Rendering in the Hobbyist/Educational edition is limited. You can render 3D scenes up to1920 x1080 pixels as the maximum resolution.

Learn More About SimLab Rendering

3. Animate up to 500 Consecutive Frames

Animation in the Hobbyist/Educational edition is limited. You can animate 3D scenes up to 500 frames maximum.

Learn More About SimLab Animation

4. Enjoy the Benefits of SimLab Simulation

If you are either an amateur or a student, you’ll find the perfect place to start and profess physics simulation experiments.

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5. Get All that for Only
$4 Per Month*

* Paid annually

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