Plugin Description

  • SimLab Composer integration plug-in for SketchUp is a free tool that acts as a middle layer between SketchUp and SimLab Composer app.
  • By installing it, you can use the full benefits of SimLab Composer.
  • Allows you to keep an active link for keeping data in sync across SketchUp and SimLab Composer, so you avoid to repeat work inside SimLab Composer.
  • Gives you the ability to transfer your SketchUp scene to SimLab Composer at anytime during your SketchUp session.
  • Its menu can be found and accessed in SketchUp under the Extensions tab.
  • Available on Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

SimLab integration with SketchUp

Learn how to perform real-time rendering of your SketchUp models with SimLab Composer 7, and see how it is to maintain material assignment and save valuable time with the new material palette technology in SimLab Composer 7.

Try and Use

SimLab Plugins are the right option for users who are looking for a specific feature to complete their 3D design application.

Virtual reality (VR)

  • SimLab Composer makes it easy to create advanced VR experiences from SketchUp models, In few minutes you can create a VR experiences that includes: Advanced MaterialsLighting (exterior, interior, and IES) options
  • Navigation system
  • Material options
  • Hide/Show
  • Sound effects
  • Elevators Fire/Smoke/Water.

  • Use SimLab Composer to add Camera, Material, Object Movement, Hide/Show, and light animations to your model. Export created animations as a rendered movie, animated 3D PDF, or WebGL.


Export to 3D PDF

  • The 3D PDF file gives you a great ability to share your work with everyone.
  • It’s used to share 3D scenes prepared for demonstration, exhibition, advertisement, presentation or promotion.
  • For showing configured scene states.
  • Create a single 3D PDF file that can be viewed on Windows and Mac using the free Acrobat Reader, and on iOS and Android using the free SimLab CAD Viewer app.

  • Turn any 3D model to an interactive environment with a single click.
  • Simulated collision with walls and furniture.
  • Navigate using keyboard or space navigator.
  • Save the walkthrough and render it as an animation.
  • Export walkthrough to 3D PDF, WebGL, and iOS/Android.

Create Walkthrough

Use Billboards

  • A Billboard allows you to create geometry that is camera-aligned.
  • The plane geometry linked to the Billboard will rotate around the local Z axis to face the viewer.
  • Billboards allow you to add a large number of trees and characters to your scene, at little to no cost on your render time.

  • Realistic looking models in 3D PDF, WebGL, and phone/tablet devices.
  • Smart Bake: Easy and smart baking algorithm.
  • Fast or top-quality presets for geometry processing.

Bake Textures

Rea-time Rendering

  • Save time with SimLab Composer rendering solution that produces beautiful, accurate, and consistent results.
  • Advanced and easy to learn rendering.
  • Compatible for interior and exterior scenes.

  • Download the plugin and install integration plugin for SketchUp.
  • Run SketchUp and Load a model.
  • Open extensions ribbon, you can click on Transfar, link or UPdate.

  • It contains following four ribbon buttons as shown in the image below.


Users who already have a valid license for the old version of the plugin, can download from here.

Supported versions

Integration supported for SketchUp 2018

Supported versions

Integration supported for SketchUp 2017