Booth Design

Using SimLab Composer

Exhibit design is a state of art, innovative engineering, modern communication, graphic design, audio visualization, and content creation. All come together to develop a great presentation and advanced information delivery.

there are many types of exhibitions and booths. however, the most important thing about an exhibit design is the efficiency of information delivery and the best appealing. To reach this, effective communication method should be present between all persons in the design process in first place.

With SimLab Composer the design process can be enhanced with all types of technologies for better ideas clarification. Furthermore many outputs of real-life mimicking experiences can be produced so the design can be tested as it have been constructed already.

In this project, we will see how SimLab Composer was used for producing diffierent types of visualization for much better communication through the design process and more enhanced outcomes.

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SimLab Composer can import/export pretty much all known 3d file formats, It also can integrate with many 3d software applications for smoother and faster process.

360 Rendering

rendering in 360 is a very important step in the design process such it can give the feeling of standing inside the exhibition at specific points and looking around to check that all needed information is achievable from these points

360 Grid

We also created 360 grid for this model, which collects all 360's together to generate a great rendered walkthrough.


Rendering your designs prior to the construction is very effective and useful for your clients and for marketing strategies such it shows how you are going further using new technologies.

Animation Rendering

Animation Rendering can be even more attractive and meaningful. But usually rendering a good length animation takes too much time, Sim-Lab's VR Rendering can be a great solution such it uses the VR real-time environment to record semi-rendered animations in no time!

VR Rendering (GPU)

 1 min

Normal Rendering (CPU)

 90 min

3D in PDF files

it's not necessary that everybody in the design process should have specific programs or any 3D software to view models and different designs in a 3D view, in this project we use SimLab Composer for embedding 3d views in pdf files. These files can be viewed by just opening them using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Creating VR Experience

Nothing can bring real feedback to study the functionality of the design than a VR experience.
A VR experience for the booth was created to study the interactions, spaces, and accessibility in every corner of the booth.

Nothing can be more interactive than a VR experience created by SimLab Composer, the VR experience can include animations, interactions, materials selection, interactive lightning, sound interaction, design selection, training scenarios and much more.

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Web Sharing WebGl

SimLab Composer can export WebGl (.html) files for 3d interactive models and 360 Grid views in order to embed them in website pages no time!

Build It once!

All of the interactions, animations and scene modifications we talked about in each section are easily achievable in SimLab Composer. They all can be created one time then can be used in all types of outputs.

Start using SimLab Composer and enhance your projects design and outcomes

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