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Simlab Composer

  • Real-time rendering.
  • Animation.
  • Scene building.
  • Texture baking.
  • Basic VR.

Simlab Composer

  • All Pro Features+
  • Advanced VR.
  • VR Elements.
  • VR assembly / disassembly.

Simlab Composer

  • All VR Features+
  • Dynamic simulation.
  • Animation from simulation.
  • VR Training Builder.

Simlab Composer

  • All Mechanical Features+
  • Javascript automation.
  • Visual scripting.
  • Batch command support.
  • License to use as a server.

Pay for an upgrade Only If you had already bought Composer 8 and want to upgrade it to the latest version of Composer 9.

you can add JT support to SimLab Composer so it can read/write JT files

Add JT single user

Add JT floating

Add JT Subsicription