What is SimLab Composer?

  • SimLab Composer is a powerful yet easy to use 3D application. It brings art closer to engineers and architects. SimLab Composer facilitates sharing 3D data among technical and none technical users by generating 3D PDF files, exporting to HTML/Web GL and exporting to Android / iPad. SimLab Composer enables users to create top quality rendered images, and it enables users to create great animations that can be used to create rendered movies, and animated 3D PDF files.
  • SimLab Composer is supported on Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Texture Baking is ONLY supported on Microsoft Windows

How Do We Simplify 3D Visualization?

SimLab Composer simplifies the major stages of CG work-flow for you by designing a unique interface and providing wide capabilities. Due to:

1. Our User Interface

  • Modern, clear, intuitive, responsive, and enjoyable UI.
  • The user interface of SimLab Composer has been crafted in a way that achieves high usability if compared with other software products.
  • Well-defined and easy to follow work-flow
  • It makes you easily figure out how the application works and where to go without getting confused and frustrated, it consists of:
    • A vertical bar, which is called the Workbenches Bar.
    • A task ribbon, in which each workbench has its own.
    • Related panels that depend on context
  • We made it familiar to Microsoft Office user interface (i.e. tabbed interface integration, such as ribbon and panels).
  • The high quality programming behind the application and the high-end polishing for the UI make it load quickly, which improves your experience and allows you to wok fast.
  • It provides some form of feedback through toggle buttons, progress bars, messages area, enabled and disabled states for buttons, spinning wheel.
  • You will look forward to using it making the experience truly satisfying.
  • It saves you from frequent mistakes that will be handled to quickly undo your last actions.
  • The following are some specifications of our UI:
    • Simple and task-driven workbenches.
    • Drag-and-drop support is found in SimLab Composer modern GUI, which is a fast and easy-to-learn technique that increases usability where the user selects a virtual object by "grabbing" it and dragging it to a different location or onto another virtual object invoking different actions.
    • Customizable UI, with possibility to resize views and panels, resize floating panels, dock a floating UI element, hide or display a panel, reset window to default layout, docking and un-docking panels.
    • SimLab Composer is a context menu free; that appears upon user interactions (e.g. a right-click mouse operation) to display repeated actions related to selected object, state, or context to avoid additional complexity and repetition.
    • Meaningful tool-tips that describe and explain buttons directly when you hover over them.

2. Our Workbenches

  • A workbench is the vehicle that takes you places. Those places are the different features of SimLab Composer.
  • They allow you to find and perform functions faster and with less effort.
  • Simple, easy to use, and efficient experience.
  • They are implemented to let people easily accomplish what they want instead of simply implementing access to a list of functions.
  • Each workbench provides a consistent user experience allowing you to learn how certain things work, and will be able to work out how to operate new features quicker, extrapolating from those previous experiences in different contexts.
  • SimLab Composer consists of eight workbenches, they are as follows:

* Essential workbenches dedicated for CG

3. Openness to the Most Popular CAD File Formats

  • SimLab composer supports importing models from a wide range of 3D formats.
  • The possibility to blend and Mix models of different formats in the same scene.
  • SimLab Composer is able to import, handle, and work with any 3D format.
  • SimLab Composer supports importing native and standard 3-D file formats to build scenes, which can be yet exported into many file formats.

4. Short Learing Curves

  • The unique GUI of SimLab Composer is designed to be very easy to use, which requires a short learning curve for exposing the application launching functionalities.
  • Short tutorials for quick startups and courses instructional approach courses.
  • Software Documentation for detailed explanation.

5. Lightweight App

  • SimLab Composer is considered as a lightweight application.
  • It is designed and developed to have very small memory.
  • It requires minimal hard disk space for installation.
  • Relatively, small size installation file.

A Quick 2-Minutes Introduction Tutorial to SimLab Composer

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