VR Use Cases

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VR for Agriculture  

Many agricultural jobs are seasonal, they do not need full-time workers, which makes it necessary to provide fast training for this rapidly changing workforce.

VR Training for Firefighters  

While others run away from danger, firefighters run toward it to save lives. VR-based training should help them go through different scenarios that will play an important role in quick decisions needed to save lives, in addition to firefighting VR training, emergency VR training can be created for firefighters.

Medical VR Experiences  

Through SimLab VR Collaboration, teachers are able to invite multiple students to the same Medical VR Experience in an online session where they are able to interact with each other and the objects surrounding them in a safe simulated environment.

Crime investigation training in VR  

This immersive opportunity offers crime investigators the chance to actively participate in the investigation process at a crime scene.

VR training on musical instruments  

VR musical training exposes students to different instruments, allows them to experience and learn on different devices

VR Training for the oil and gas industry  

The use of VR training in the oil and gas industry is beneficial for both companies and employees. Companies have reduced their expenses on safety training by using VR instead of sending their employees to expensive courses.

VR Vocational Training and Education  

VR creation products and services have been a game changer for numerous technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions in modern economies across the world!

VR car show VR car show  

VR car show experience can be easily created to provide customers with the ability to see and interact with new car features.

VR For Previewing Electronics VR For Previewing Electronics  

Utilize the power of VR through the full process of electronics design, from cooperative design and material selection to collecting feedback from early testers, and finally to marketing products.

Show Furniture Options In VR SimLab Soft VR for Furniture  

Show different options of furniture to others in a VR environment, you can show material, back, hand rest, or wheels options, and create a live showcase of your furniture in VR.

VR for kitchen  

Allowing your client to have an immersive experience viewing her/his kitchen, not only will increase your chance of winning the project.

VR as CAD designer  

Utilize our free VR Viewer app, compatible with all devices, to play VR experiences created with VR Studio.

Revolutionize your Yacht experience with VR  

The immersive experience will help you build better connections with your clients and will aid in collecting valuable insights before your product is even ready.

Revolutionize the way students learn through immersive experiences  

Our easy-to-use VR platform is the perfect tool for schools to engage students, enhance their understanding, and make learning an unforgettable adventure.

Immersive Learning Experiences  

VR has been used in a variety of ways in the education sector, ranging from creating interactive lessons for students to simulating environments that are not available in the real world.

Steps to getting started with VR in the classroom  

Set out on an educational revolution with this dynamic guide to integrating Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) into your classroom. From finding inspiration and defining your purpose to creating captivating VR experiences and deploying them.

VR For Exhibitions  

When designing a physical exhibition booth you need to make sure it looks great, gets attention, and functions well, to show products, hold quick meetings and get business done.

VR Game creation  

The SimLab team developed a realistic multiplayer VR chess game, focusing on minimal yet effective tools for an enjoyable experience.

Garden / Landscape  

For a successful garden or landscape design, it's important to engage the customer early in the process.

VR for Law/Court  

VR is a great way to show off the yacht and its features. It also allows for Recreating crimes, and important incidents and can help lawyers win cases, and show their perspective in the court.

Immersive museum of the future  

Utilize VR power to create a museum of the future, allowing an immersive view of art and history.

VR Presentations With Collaboration  

Step into a virtual exhibition format that brings your audience closer to your offerings like never before. With VR, clients can interact with your products and sales staff as if they were in a real exhibition space.

Selling Real estate in one place  

Selling real estate is one of the experiences that can be improved significantly by using VR collaboration.

VR for team building  

Interactive VR experiences can be used to perform multiple team-building activities, needed to spread trust among the group.

VR for Tourism industry  

With the SimLab VR Platform, it is easy to visit ancient cities while they were built, to fly from Paris to Petra, and to explore historical ruins while getting live information about when and how they were used in ancient times.

VR for public transportation  

Transportation systems can be complicated, visitors to new cities may need to use busses, metros, and trams, in a single trip, and may need to understand different ticketing options to use public transportation.

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